Nick Smith x Jake & Dinos Chapman x FaceValue2

Smith will be contributing towards FaceValue2. A show which will ‘confront identity changed by the potentially devastating effects of others’. The concept behind FaceValue2 is to use over 25 collaborative artworks to show the effect on one’s identity an outside influence can have, ranging from minimal to near devastating.

25+ artists have donated an artwork knowing it will be handed to an unspecified artist to use as a reference point to take it on a new journey with varying destinations. The result being a collaboration between two artists, producing one coherent work which has had its identity altered by another.

The show is located at Jealous Gallery, EC2, London between 9th - 17th March. 100% of the proceeds of the FaceValue2 exhibition are going directly to The Katie Piper Foundation, charity that specialise in helping in the recovery of those of our society have had their own, physical identity altered.

Smith was paired with the Chapman Brothers. The original work is titled... The lisper lisps, the stutterer stutters, the dyslexic disleksiks it. A lithographic print editioned 49/50 measuring 100x68cm with a face value of £1,800


Having used McDonald's as a theme for many years, Jake & Dinos' print was run over by several patrons at a McDonald's Drive Thru.


Adorned with new McTire marks, Smith tore the piece in two, then printed the cause of the altered identity in his signature style on the reverse, then stuck it back together.

Jake & Dinos face2face.jpg